How to use the Exposure Calculator
  1. Match the brightness of the scene to be photographed with Lighting Conditions/EV on the Exposure Calculator.
  1. Drag the Lighting Conditions/EV slider until it lines up with one of the EV scale numbers (16 to 1) that best describes the lighting conditions of the scene to be photographed.
  1. Select the desired ISO needed for the scene by dragging the ISO/Shutter slider to the given Lighting Conditions/EV from step 1 to display the effective shutter speed and ƒ/stop combination equivalents.

Example 1

The EV in this example is a Bright Sunny Day (EV15). The Lighting Conditions/EV slider is set to 15 and the ISO slider is set to 100.

Responsive image

When the ISO is aligned with the given Lighting Conditions/EV, the shutter speed and ƒ/stop combinations are equivalents and will produce the same exposure with different results.

  • For instance, a shutter speed of 1/2000 at ƒ/4 will freeze the motion within the scene (faster shutter speed) and produce a photograph with shallow depth of field (blurry foreground and background) because the aperture is almost wide open at ƒ/4.

  • On the other end of the scale, if the shutter speed is set to 1/30 the aperture needs to be changed to ƒ/32 and this exposure will blur anything in the scene that moves because of the slower shutter speed while creating greater depth of field (sharper foreground to background) because the aperture was closed down to a smaller opening.

Example 2

ISO 100 is moved to EV12 because the lighting conditions in the scene changed to open shade (EV12).

Responsive image

Each combination of shutter speed and ƒ/stop are equivalent exposures producing the same amount of light reaching the image sensor but create different results in the photograph.

  • 1/1000 at ƒ/2 will produce a photograph with a shallow depth of field (blurry foreground and background) and stop motion within the scene (faster shutter speed).

  • To blur motion (slow shutter speed) and create greater depth of field (sharper foreground to background), choose 1/30 at ƒ/11.