Online Editor iPiccy Resize Image Instructions
  1. Click this link to access It's Free! No registration required.
  2. iPiccy does not currently run on mobile devices.
  1. Choose Edit a Photo then click Open from the top menu and select My Computer if the image is stored on a hard drive.
  1. Select the photo to be uploaded from the Open dialog box and click Open.
  1. Click Resize Image from the vertical menu bar on the left.
  1. A dropdown box appears showing the Width and Height of your image.
  1. Leave the Constrain proportions box checked then change the largest number to 1200px, click Apply.
    • If the image is smaller than 1200px, upload as is do not resize.
    • If your image is horizontal (landscape), change the Width to 1200px, click Apply.
    • If your image is vertical (portrait), change the Height to 1200px, click Apply.
  1. Your image has been reduced.
  1. Click the Save button located on the top menu bar and select My Computer.
  1. Leave File format setting on JPG.
  1. Set Quality to Normal or 80%.
  1. Rename the file so you don't copy over the original file on your drive.
  1. Click Save to my computer.
  1. A Save As dialog box appears with the new name, click Save.
  1. Remember the location of the saved copied file, you will need this information in step 17.
  1. Your photo was saved to your computer! box appears, click Close Photo.
  1. If you need to resize another image, click Open from the top menu then select My Computer and repeat steps 3 to 15.
  1. After the image(s) have been resized and saved, return to and upload the resized photo(s) to the Course Lesson.
  1. Click Post a Photo then select Choose File. Use Add image data & info here to add text to the uploaded photo.